14 January 2008

A good old-fashioned wet season?

Yesterday and today have featured rain, lots of rain. A weather pattern centred on our immediate area has dumped over 350mm (14 inches) of rain on us, and it's still continuing. Last night a huge amount of runoff down a creek that runs under the main street of town met a high tide and spilled up through the drains, washing a load of mud against one of the buildings on the downhill side of a low spot in the road and breaking windows. The news reports said the supermarket was flooded, but in fact it was the chemist shop at the other end of the building, with the travel agency next door suffering too. Eric went out during a break in the rain around 9AM and took some photos, some of which are below. Meanwhile, the excavation at the site of the new marina has turned into a lake. The first photo below was taken on 5 January, just before the workers came back from their end-of-year break. Since then they have deepened and widened some of the excavation. Today they moved some of their equipment to higher ground and then presumably had the day off.