07 May 2007

New webhosting service

This past month I've been moving all my websites from Gisol to Dreamhost. So far I've had no problems with Dreamhost and have been able to find answers to my questions in their support wiki (in significant contrast to my previous hosting service, about which I will say more later). Dreamhost offer what I consider huge amounts of storage space and bandwidth (and unlimited domains) — far more than I need — for a reasonable price. I chose the two-year pre-payment option on their lowest-level hosting plan. I like the fact that they are employee-owned and do not even offer Windows-based hosting. :-) I signed up with them mainly because they offer one-click installation of a lot of software like WordPress that I (as a non-technical user) find a bit daunting, and their help wiki is actually helpful for someone at my level. But they also offer shell access and other stuff for those who want and know how to use them. Reviews suggest that they had some downtime problems last year, but as I am not running a business site, I am less concerned about that then I might otherwise be. As part of the move, I am progressively migrating my websites into WordPress. I'll be writing more about that in a later post.