25 March 2007

Science fiction and fantasy reading

I just finished Kim Stanley Robinson's Fifty Degress Below, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It's a sequel to Forty Signs of Rain, at the end of which he almost destroys Washington D.C. in a major flood. Both books spend a lot of time discussing the politics of science in general and the National Science Foundation in particular, as well as the author's concerns about climate change, global warming etc. Very timely! Before that it was C.J. Cherryh's Destroyer and Pretender (the latest 2 volumes of a continuing series that I very much enjoy) and John Varley's Mammoth, which is partly a time travel story. I loved the scene where a herd of mammoths suddenly appears (from the past) near the La Brea tar pits in the LA of today and starts stampeding through Hollywood. Others have included Margaret Ball's Disappearing Act (I always enjoy her stuff too), Juliet McKenna's The Warrior's Bond and The Assassin's Edge (4th & 5th books in a fantasy series I started reading several years ago), and probably some other books I've forgotten.