11 May 2005

Computer envy strikes again

Eric decided to buy a new Macintosh, so I got computer envy and started seriously reading the Dell advertisements in the computer section of this week's Australian (newspaper). Even though my current laptop is only a year old and is working fine, I'm looking for excuses to buy a new one. Let's see... the wireless card in the old one doesn't work with our home network; the card is too old. Never mind that a new wireless card would be way cheaper than a new computer with a built-in modern card. Hmm... I need a bigger drive so I have plenty of room to install Linux on a dual boot and keep all my Windows programs as well as installing Linux ones. That's a better excuse, though I could replace the drive in the old laptop. I need more memory... again, I could put more in the old laptop.

Ah! Got it... I'm nervous having only one computer... what if it breaks down? Now that's a good one... FUD is great as an excuse for doing what you want to do in the first place.