21 April 2005

Ubuntu 5.04 works on my laptop!

The Linux conference was handing out some of the first available (anywhere) CDs of Ubuntu Linux V5.04. The set included one live CD and one installation CD, so I promptly tested the live CD in my laptop. I was delighted to find that it came up with no trouble at all and recognised the display screen -- unlike the previous version (reported in my blog entry of 30 March). Upon discovering this, I lept up and shouted "YES!" -- much to the amusement of everyone else. I had brought my old laptop with me to give to Ian Lynch to take to Daniel Carrera. Daniel's preferred Linux is Ubuntu, so I tested the live CD on the old laptop and it worked perfectly too. Smiles all around that day! (I added a set of the CDs to the collection of stuff going with the laptop, but left full installation as an exercise for the recipient.) I haven't yet been able to get the communication devices working under Ubuntu (more accurately, I'm not sure how to do that), but I haven't spent much time on it. Several people have suggested that a full installation is more likely to work if the live CD doesn't, so we'll see how that goes later.